Hoffman’s Chocolate Bar Fundraiser begins this week!


What: Fundraiser selling Hoffman’s Chocolate Bars- 18 bars per box, cost – $2 per bar.

When:  March 30th through April 24th, 2021

Where:  Pick up 2 boxes at Palm Beach Ice Works

  • March 30th, Wednesday, 8 – 10 am and 2 – 4 pm
  • April 1st, Thursday, 2 – 4 pm
  • April 2nd, Friday, 8 – 10 am and 2 – 4 pm
  • April 3rd, Saturday, 8 am – 12 pm

Turn in funds:  Palm Beach Ice Works

  • April 24th, Saturday, 8 am – 5 pm


  • Annual Banquet (fingers crossed for November 2021)
  • Skating equipment
  • Our Skaters 🙂
  • And….those who sell more than 4 boxes will qualify for the Fundraiser Prizes.  First Prize (Top seller) is a $200 Amazon Gift card and recognition at the banquet and rink; the second prize is a $100 Amazon Gift card, and the third prize is a $50 Amazon Gift card.

Questions? Contact Jean McAtavey, the club president, at

SCF 2021 Schedule

January 18 Mini Camp

January 23rd- Testing at PBIW

February 20th-Disney Exhibition and Princess & Superhero Skate

February 26th-Board Meeting Dinner

February 27th- Testing at PBIW

  • 3 pm
  • NEW:  A Hospitality Fee of $5 will be charged per skater
  • The fee will offset the cost of coffee and snacks/meals as needed for volunteer judges.
  • The club will continue to pay for ice time ($375/hour), judges travel expenses, and USFSA certification

March 12th-14th-Magnolia Opening

  • Good luck to our skaters, Roxy and Sydney!

March 22nd to 28th-World’s Figure Skating Championship

March 27th,  Saturday – Solo Exhibition with Critique

  •  Judge Joan Deluca (Judge Greg will be unable to attend) and Technical Specialist Debbie Starkman

March 27th, Saturday- Board Meeting

March 28th, Sunday- Test Session at the Rink at the Beach

April 9th-11th-, Friday through Sunday-Skate Nashville 2021 Competition

  • Good luck to our skaters! …Ava, Emily, Lauren, Marley, and McKenna.

April 17th, Saturday- Board Meeting at 4 pm

April 24th, Saturday- Disney Ice Show Tickets on sale from 9-4 pm

May 7th, Friday- Disney on Ice Spring Show Rehearsal

May 8th, Saturday- Disney Ice Show

For any ideas or questions or comments, please contact our president, Jean McAtavey, at .  Your feedback is important to the club, and it will be added to the agenda of the next meeting.  Thank you!

Sign up for Mini-Camp!

A lower-level group of skaters will also be formed, so please inquire!

Register at the front desk at PBIW, or contact Martine De La Torre, the skating director at Palm Beach Ice Works for questions.


Our Holiday Club Fundraiser was a success!!

Thank you all for participating in our fundraisers.

We appreciate those who donated their time, energy, and gifts to the club!

Special Thank You’s to Martine (our director); Kenny (the rink’s manager); Jean (our president) and the whole board (A shout out to Des, Melinda, and Stephanie); Club members-especially Nicole, Kathy, & Crystal; the coaches who volunteered their time working the show and those who volunteered for private auction lessons, Melissa, Nick, Shane and the rest of the PBIW staff, Zach-the spotlight guy, and many others!

Here are the raffle winners:

  1. 50:50 Raffle- Rossini (McKenna’s Grandfather!)
  2. Private lessons: Coach Ken-Milena; Coach Christa-Ocean; Coach Deb-Carol; Coach Maxine-Emily Mc; Coach Martine-Sydney; Coach Erik-Marley; Coach Rosie-Danica;  Coach Donna- Jackie Shannon; Judge Greg-Juliette.
  3. Wine Basket-Kenny R
  4. Holiday Basket-Kenny R
  5. Breakfast Basket-Poissant
  6. Slumber Party Basket-TBD
  7. Sanctuary Salon Basket-Jonathan
  8. Starbucks GC-Christa
  9. Art Basket-TBA
  10. Movie Basket-Gallants
  11. Godiva Basket-Obser
  12. Wreath 1-Rosie
  13. Wreath 2-Jonathan

The Fundraiser will be paying for:   the Holiday Show Spotlights, Holiday Show treats for the Kids, Ice Cream Socials at Rink on the Beach and at PBIW, Pizzas for the Coaches this December, and hopefully… a Bowling Party early next year and a Summer Club Banquet.


2020 Holiday Club Fundraisers

Here’s how you can support our skaters…

  1.  Buy a 50:50 Raffle Ticket at the Front Desk of PBIW or on Entry Eeze under the Merchandise tab.
  2.  Participate in the Basket raffle. The baskets are now on display at the rink, and more details about bidding will follow.
  3.  Purchase a face mask designed with a skating symbol.


Special Kudos to Stephanie Ovdiyenko for the incredible flyers!

Carolyn Grimditch Memorial

We are saddened by the loss of the founder of the club, Carolyn Grimditch, who passed away on Thursday, May 7, 2020. She was 97 years old. The club was started by her and her husband in 1962 at the Winterhurst Ice Arena in Fort Lauderdale. The Skating Club of Florida has been active at many rinks in South Florida under her leadership, including the Glacier Ice Arena (now home to the GoldCoast FSC), The Palm Beach Auditorium, Planet Ice, the Florida Panthers IceDen (now home to the Panther FSC), the Palm Beach Skate Zone (now home to the Palm Beach FSC), and finally with the Palm Beach Ice Works. Carolyn was a long time judge and official, who was involved in many local and national skating activities. Her leadership will be sorely missed, but her legacy continues with many of the skating clubs and officials owing a significant debt to her efforts.