November 7th, 2020

Congratulations to our skaters for passing their tests!!!

Michael "Crazylegs" Drew:  Hickory Hoedown and the Willow Waltz

Bella Hetu:  Pre-Preliminary Free skate and Preliminary Moves in the Field

Aleksander “Sasha” Lerner:  Hickory Hoedown, Swing Dance, and Willow Waltz

Gina Penaflor:  Adult Bronze Moves in the Field and Cha Cha

Isabella Sicuro:  Preliminary Moves in the Field

“Special Thank Yous” to our Test Chair Maxine Weatherby, Judge Greg Cannon, and our Brilliant Coaches!

Micheal, Maxine, Gina, Sasha and Tima November 7th Test Session
Coach Erik and Skater Isabella November 7th Test Session