Meeting Notes from January 28th, 2021

Annual Meeting

Minutes of January 28th, 2021

Via WebEx

Directors in Attendance:                     

Jean McAtavey, President

Gina Penaflor

Emily McIntyre

Greg Cannon

Stephanie Ovdiyenko

Desmond Gallant

Valerie Obser

Martine Del Torre


Meeting called to order at: 6 p.m.

Upcoming Elections: In March, we will be having a nominating committee for next year’s club members. The voting will take place in May.

Vice Presidency: Our vice president, Jess Merida, has unfortunately had to step down from her position. One of the other members, Greg Cannon, has volunteered to take her place for the time being. (Thank you Jess for everything you have done!)

(!) The motion was proposed for Greg to take Jess’ place as vice president for the remaining time. None opposed. The motion passed.

Goals Moving Forward: Hosting More Events

Upcoming Events:

            Princess Skate (February 20th): The princess skate will be held on February 20th. We are planning to have Jean McAtavey take pictures. Coach Martine is also preparing goodie bags for those who attend.

Next Test Session (February 27th): The next test session will be held on February 27th.

Judges Critique (March 27th and April): Registration ends on March 13th so don’t forget to sign up!


Potential Events:

Valentine’s Day Skate/Ice Cream (February 12th): The club is considering having a small event sometime around Valentine’s Day. Ideas range from hot coco, ice cream, and/or skating class. However, since we are unsure of the interest with an event such as this, we will be having a sign up sheet for people to show potential interest.

Mothers’ Day Show (May 8th?): Coach Martine is considering holding a small Mother’s Day show on May 8th. Due to COVID-19, this show will be much smaller and only be held for one day. There will be group, LTS, and solo numbers included.

World’s Send Off: There has been an announcement confirming that the Figure Skating World Championship will be held this year. Since our senior ice dance team, Maxine Weatherby and Temirlan Yerzhenov, have qualified, we would like to do something to wish them good luck.

Hospitality: The next test session will be on March 13th. Before then, the club would like to implement a small hospitality fee of $5.00 to help pay for the judges’ accommodations. The fee will be charged per skater and not per test.

(!) The motion of adding a hospitality fee was put forth. None opposed. Motion passed.


            Basket Auction (During Princess Skate): Kathy Luksch has volunteered to help make a basket to auction off during the Princess Skate. Desmond Gallant, our fundraising chair, has volunteered to help gather items and oversee the basket. Items included would be a LTS pass (provided by Martine), gloves, and other warm gear. The club would also like to donate a pair of basic skates for the basket. These skates would act as a voucher for the winner to exchange for a pair their own size and are estimated to cost around $75.00 to $100.00.

(!) Desmond Gallant makes the motion to allow money to be taken from the club’s funds to pay for skates. Emily McIntyre seconds. The motion is passed.

            Candy Bar Sale (Before Easter): Another potential fundraiser is a candy bar sale before Easter. Martine has suggested using the Great American Chocolate Bar to obtain chocolates to sell. Desmond will be overseeing this fundraiser.

Sound System: One of the many things the club would like to use its funds for, other than the banquet, is to pay for better equipment. A piece that is at the top of the list is our rink sound system. Our president, Jean McAtavey, and her husband have volunteered their time to look over the sound system to assess what is wrong with it.

Website: The website must be updated with upcoming and successful past events. An event that needs to be posted is the previous testing session. Photographs will need to be obtained from coaches.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on February 26th at 6 p.m. It will be hosted at Anthony’s.


Meeting ended: 7:05 p.m.