Meeting Notes from March

March 26th 2021 SCF meeting



Jean McAtavey, President

Martine De La Torre, PBIW Director

Tracey Potter, Coach Rep

Stephanie Ovdiyenko, Board Member

Maxine Weatherby, Test Chair

Jennifer Brown (via phone), Rink at the Beach Director

Gina Penaflor (via phone) Treasurer, Membership Chair


Notes prepared by: Gina Penaflor


  1. Attendance: Greg Cannon is out of state.  Des Gallant is away in Canada due to a family emergency.   Board members-Emily McIntyre, Michael Drew, Michele Kelley, Valeria Obser, and Jess Merida are absent.
  2. Secretary report: Motion to approve last meeting’s notes (Stephanie-1st, Maxine-2nd)

In the notes, Gina’s name will be substituted for Greg’s.

  1. Treasurer report: no changes; bank account still above 20 K but awaiting costs of chocolate bar fundraiser and testing ice time.
  2. Fundraiser report: Chocolate fundraiser-$3620 spent for Hoffman chocolate bars.

18 bars per box at $1 cost per bar, but will sell at $2 per bar for a club profit of $3620. Plan to distribute next week: Wed through Saturday (3/31-4/3). Encourage coaches/families to take 2 boxes to sell. Prizes for the top 3 sellers.  Gift cards, recognition (at banquet and picture on board/wall at rink), and possible other prizes. Funds will pay for our annual banquet and some funds will partly contribute to a new sound system at PBIW.  The club will also sell at hockey games/events and the mother’s day skate event. Jean and Gina to meet tomorrow, March 27th, to figure out details. Stephanie to create flyers.

  1. Membership report: we are at 171 members. Will enact a new volunteer fee-$75 suggested at the new season, unless member signs up to volunteer time at a specific event in a specific role.  A list needs to be created for volunteer positions, and entry eeze needs to be assessed in keeping track.
  2. Sound system report: very expensive. Estimated 25 K. Kenny needs to meet with Chris (Laurie’s husband) to discuss renovating the sound system. Martine will see if the Hockey leagues can contribute as well, but does not feel SCF should be held mostly accountable.
  3. Lobby sign:  Martine will get an estimate from printer to create a sign above the rink entry door.  Logo to be given by Gina.
  4. Spring show: no videographer or spot lights will be used. The curtain will be placed.  Photography encouraged as a fundraiser. $20 suggested to charge for a group and an individual shot picture combo. Jean to determine appropriate lighting and area. The plan is to take photos during the rehearsal hours, so Martine will give out flyers to coaches. The number of interested skaters can be determined and payments collected.  There are 7 groups of about 10 each in the show… Rehearsal: 4-hour dress rehearsal on May 7th, Friday, the day before the show.
  5. Possible Club events this year: family skate is canceled; Outing to the Rapids for the summer; regionals is occurring during the 1st 2 weeks in October; so planning banquet early November.
  6. Nomination Committee-Gina selected Greg Cannon and Stephanie Ovdiyenko; need to send out an email to see if anyone in the club is interested in joining the board or being part of committees.
  7. Skater Recognition: for Anabelle specifically who is a US National Champion in Novice Ice Dance. Also, club needs to establish gifts at varying levels of skating accomplishments. SCF jacket, photos, monetary gifts, paying for competition entrance fees have been discussed. Will be speaking with Greg for input. Tracey to contact the Larsons about requests for Anabelle.
  8. Club Yoga (or hip hop) classes monthly-will try one Sunday (Martine, Tracey, and Stephanie to follow-up). Promote club camaraderie while offering health benefits.
  9. Next meeting: April 17th, Saturday at 4 pm in person in the Rink’s upstairs conference room (or via phone for special circumstances).