2022 April-June Schedule

April 24, 2022 – Sunday

Accepting New SCF Board Member Applications!

If interested in learning about or becoming a board member, please contact a board member (see contact info below).


April 26th – Tuesday ( 7 – 8 pm)

Dr Dara Bushman, Developing a Winning Attitude ad more

Zoom meeting

Link: https://zoom.us/j/4134543834

       Please arrive 10 minutes before meeting


April 30th – Saturday (12:30 – 1:30 pm)

The First Parent Booster Club Meeting

Help share and learn from others to help your child skate in the best way.


May 1st – Sunday

SCF Membership Renewal Begins!

  • Renew BEFORE June 1st to have uninterrupted access to Freestyle Ice Discount books.  This means NO ice discount books will be sold to a club member after June 1st UNTIL the member renews.
  • Deadline to Renew is August 1st (after this date, a late fee is charged).


May 7th – Saturday (2 – 3 pm)

Spring Show Dress Rehearsal


May 15th – Sunday (1 – 4 pm)

Spring Holiday Show & the Circus Hour*

*The CIRCUS HOUR follows immediately after the show.

(Circus entry fee is $10 per family, which covers the cost of games and treats)


June 2022

Annual Members Meeting of the SCF-Time and Place TBD

Please attend!

  • We need your feedback for Activities, Events, Recognitions, etc.
  • This meeting will also include electing a new board.