Club Leadership

The Skating Club of Florida

Board of Directors from July 2022 to June 2023

President:  Jean McAtavey (Mc-ata-vey)

Secretary:  Maxine Weatherby

Treasurer:  Melinda Gallant

Test Chair:  Maxine Weatherby

Fundraising Chair:  Desmond Gallant

Social Media Co-Chairs:  Amy Carden and Kelly Burton

Junior Club Chair:  Maxine Weatherby

Membership Chair:  Gina Penaflor

Safe Sport Compliance Chair:  Jean McAtavey

General Board Member:  Nancy Stone

Guest Board Member Martine De La Torre

Website Advisor: Michael Drew (not a board member)


Officers, Directors, and Board Members for 2021-2022

President: Jean McAtavey

Vice President: Emily McIntyre (Interim)

Treasurer: Melinda Gallant

Secretary: Emily McIntyre

Membership Chair: Gina Penaflor

Test Chair: Maxine Weatherby

Fundraising Chair: Desmond Gallant

Social Media Chair: Michele Kelley

Website Advisor: Michael Drew

Junior Club Chair: Maxine Weatherby

Board Members:

  • Michael Drew, Desmond Gallant, Melinda Gallant, Jean McAtavey, Gina Penaflor, Emily McIntyre, Stephanie Ovdiyenko

Nominating Committee: TBD

Join the Board*!

  1. If you are interested in joining the board, please contact the membership chair asap.

The deadline is 2 weeks prior to the annual May meeting.

  1. During the Annual May meeting, members vote via a paper ballot.

Only adult home club members present at the meeting may vote.

  1. Immediately following the meeting, the NEWLY elected board members will meet to elect the  positions/officers of the club.  You do not have to hold a position to be on the board.

*The board meets once a month on a Saturday at 12:30-1:30 pm (in person/virtual) to discuss, plan, and vote on club issues.

Main positions include: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Chairpersons:  Membership Chair, Fundraising Chair, Test Chair, Social Media Chair, Website Consultant, and Competition Chair.

To learn about these positions, contact a current board member as well as review the bylaws.