New to Skating?

For Parents with a NEW Child Skater


Website Resources

There are  2 websites you will become familiar with:

  1.  Skating Club of Florida (SCF) Entry Eeze Website 

This website is for becoming a member, and once a member, you will also be able to register for tests through this website.  (Information on Membership)

When the skater becomes a full home-club skating member, he or she is also registered as a USFSA member, paid for by the Club. (Parents also become members.)

      2. United State Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Website

When a skater becomes a  USFSA member, their USFSA number is used to sign on to this website as well as to register for any competitions.

To register for a COMPETITION:       (*You need your USFSA number and password.)

          Go to the Website.

          Click on the middle lower box marked “EMS” to access the competition page. Here you will maneuver your way to locate the competition, selecting your skater’s competition category, and paying.  Your coach will be able to give you this information.

*For help with finding your skaters USFSA number, check under your Entry Eeze account, or email our Club’s Membership Rep.



USFSA Parent Guides

Here are links that are found through USFSA website for Parents new to the sport:

Parent Guide Volume 1

Parent Guide Volume 2

Parent Guide Volume 3

For any questions, your coach or instructor is the best place to start!