SCF Membership Categories

Membership Categories

July 1st, 2022- June 30th, 2023 Membership Year

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Full Skating Membership       $100

IMPORTANT:  Registration of a skater who is less than 18 years of age requires a parent or guardian membership.

This one-year membership includes:

  • Ice discounts (through May 30th the following year)
  • Testing Privileges at Palm Beach Ice Works.
  • Club events (for e.g.,  Ice shows, Fall Festival, Annual Banquet)
  • USFS membership (Includes USFS Membership Benefits )
  • Voting privileges if over 18 yr.
  • Access to purchase the Club’s jacket


INTRODUCTORY Skating Membership     $60    (Does NOT include Ice Discount privileges)

This one-time, one-year membership is open to those who have never belonged to a skating club nor have ever been a FULL SKATING member of the US Figure Skating organization. (DOES NOT include ICE DISCOUNTS)

**If the skater is less than 18 y.o., a parent or guardian must first apply for the Introductory Parent Membership (free with Introductory skating membership but does not include a USFSA registration).

This one-time skating membership includes:

  • Testing Privileges at Palm Beach Ice Rink.
  • Club events (for e.g., Club Friday, Ice shows, Fall Festival, Annual Banquet)
  • USFS membership (access to USFS sanctioned events, competitions, etc. )

**AGAIN, this introductory membership DOES NOT INCLUDE ICE TIME DISCOUNTS or voting privileges.


Parent Membership Fee       $50   ( For parents who are registering a full time membership skater less than 18 y.o..)

This one-year membership includes:

  • Social events (for e.g., Ice shows, Fall Festival, Annual Banquet)
  • USFS membership (Please see USFS Membership Benefits below)
  • Voting privileges


Additional Skater Membership     $70.00   Must accompany a full skating membership

This one-year membership is for any additional skater in the family and is considered a full skating membership.


Additional Non-Skater Membership      $65.00  Must accompany a full skating membership

This one-year membership is for any additional non-skater in the family and is equal to the Parent Membership.


Collegiate Membership      $125.00 

This 4-year membership entitles the skater to all of the above, although voting privileges is for those 18 yo and above.

  • Applies ONLY to students attending a college or university.


Associate Membership    $80.00   Aka. Non-Home Club Membership

This one-year membership is available for any current USFS members from another home club.

  • This entitles the skater to participate in testing, ice shows, and social functions.
  • No voting privileges.
  • No ability to hold club positions.
  • No Ice Discounts


Skating Professional Membership       $75.00

This membership is for USFS/PSA professionals (Coaches, judges, etc.) over the age of 18 yrs.

  • No voting privileges.

SCF Membership Notes

    1. The club year begins July 1st of that year through June 30th of the following year.
    2. Avoid the $15 late fee by registering BEFORE July 1st, 2022.
    3. There is no pro-rating of membership fees regardless of the date of registration, so join early!
    4. Once members pay their SCF club fees, their membership with United States Figure Skating (USFSA) will be renewed. This allows members to participate in USFSA sanctioned competitions/tests.
    5. Membership renewals are subject to approval by the SCF Board of Directors. The applicant(s) must be in good standing.
    6. Click on the US Figure Skating Association website link for more information about USFSA Membership benefits.

Contact Gina Penaflor (Membership Volunteer Rep.) at for any questions.


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